3 Tips To Save Time And Avoid Mistakes During Your Executive Search

executive search

Plan your executive search

Only you can decide the pace of your research. But with less than 2 steps per day, it may be very long. Your agenda will be your main ally and the time that passes your enemy. Start by organizing your weeks. Create a rolling agenda over 15 days, exhibitions and events, your appointments that concern you. Keep yourself time slots to write your application letters, call back the people you met, and relaunch companies. But don’t give up your hobbies and family life.

Build the file of your network

You have no idea how many people in your circle, directly or indirectly, can provide you with information, advice or contacts that are useful in your executive search. List them and keep this file up to date as it grows. You will thus memorize the identity of each person, their company, their function, the origin of the contact and will be able to make the most of this precious network.

Keep track of all your actions

It’s up to you to build effective monitoring tools: they will allow you to keep track of each action and not let any leads slip away. Keep track of the offers you respond to. Note the date of your shipments. This will let you know when it is appropriate to relaunch a executive recruiter after sending an application, or when to get back in touch with a particular contact person. As for the interviews, note the questions addressed, the aspects the executive recruiter insisted on, the strengths and weaknesses identified. This “follow-up sheet” will be invaluable in preparing for the next interview.

Published by Dave John

Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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