10 tips to know how to strengthen your leadership skills

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Management is a real balancing act. Between the theories and practice there is a gap that the manager owes to himself by his ability to lead his teams not only to fill but also to bring a communicative momentum for the company’s development. So how do we do it?

1. Never confuse authority with authoritarianism

Any manager (or business leader) must be able to affirm rules and set clear limits to his teams. But this does not mean that it must show gratuitous authority, i.e. authoritarianism, otherwise it will lose all credibility with its teams. Management is a real balancing act.

2. Managing through exemplary

There is nothing worse than a manager who violates the rules he dictates to his employees himself! The virtues of exemplary are very effective in management and teams will be motivated to listen to a manager who produces the same efforts as them.

3. Support its teams

Every manager pursues the same objective, that of his employees giving the best of themselves. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to guide teams on their methods. A good manager should not forget that his employees do not have the science infused!

4. Communicate specific objectives

How do you expect your teams to perform well? If they don’t know what results to achieve? As far as the objectives to be set for employees are concerned, be as clear as possible and make sure that these objectives have been well understood.

5. Give achievable objectives

Do you know the best way to discourage your teams? It is enough to set them totally unattainable objectives. Guaranteed failure! On the contrary, setting high but realistic objectives will motivate employees.

6. Implement control tools

Be careful, manager must not rhyme with Big Brother! It takes a lot of tact for teams to feel mentored without the feeling of being “freaked out”. There are very good tools available to track the tasks performed by employees.

7. Establish a relationship of trust

Without trust, the manager cannot expect to be respected for long.

8. Listening and dialogue, an essential principle

Dialogue represents the fundamentals of management. The manager must therefore be concerned about his teams, listen to each employee and always explain to them the decisions he makes.

9. Remain consistent whatever the adventures

To allow this one week, then to ban it the next week, to ask for two contradictory things at the same time incoherence is the enemy of successful management. At the risk of blurring the lines and discrediting your management, always remain consistent in your words and attitude.

10. Finding the right managerial posture

Remote or friendly manager? Finding the right leadership management style for your personality is a matter of time. But you will eventually find the right managerial posture for you and your team.

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Decade of work experience in leadership consulting with strong focus on talent acquisition & assessment across different industries and geographies.

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