The 12 personality traits of a good CEO

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Being a good leader, inspiring your teams rather than exhausting them, is not always easy. Here are the 12 qualities of a good CEO.

What are the characteristics of a good leader? It is not always easy to answer this question, each company manager has his or her own personality and style to manage his or her teams well. The Hire Your Talent has selected twelve personality traits that make a good CEO.

1. Be positive. Understand the power of positive attitude and see in each situation an opportunity to learn.

2. Be honest. Always tell the truth to your employees and executives even if it is difficult to hear.

3. Knowing how to delegate. Resist the temptation of micro management by giving autonomy to your employees.

4. Communicate well. Many problems in companies come from a lack of internal communication.

5. Breathe in. Set an example and inspire your employees to be as passionate as you are.

6. Strengthen team cohesion. Give your teams a long-term goal to keep them focused.

7. Guarantee the balance between professional and personal life. Employees are more effective in their tasks when they are helped to reconcile their personal and professional lives.

8. Be grateful. Rewarding employees helps to boost their commitment.

9. Encourage growth. Pushing your employees to gain skills will make them more productive.

10. Compliment. Do not hesitate to congratulate the teams, even for small successes. They’ll give it back to you a hundred times over.

11. Play the role of mentor. Act as a mentor not just as a boss. Rather than saying what to do, show how to do it.

12. To be fair. Having scrunchies will only demoralize others.

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