The 7 Recruiting Trends and Tips for 2019

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The recruitment of personnel, i.e. the search for, finding and hiring of new employees, has not only become a science since the digitalization of all economic sectors. With every small change on the job market, in companies and in society, new trends, opportunities and challenges emerge that need to be considered. In the following, we have compiled the recruiting trends and tips for 2019 that you should keep in mind as a personnel manager, HR department or hiring sole proprietor.

The Importance of New Recruiting Techniques

The consideration of new developments and trends in recruiting for the year 2019 is particularly important in the battle for skilled workers. The interaction of the individual factors in the internal process as well as in the external communication of recruiting must fit. Otherwise, the particularly ambitious, experienced and innovative workforce will be fished off from the competition on the labour market. To avoid this happening to you, implement the following 7 recruiting trends and tips for 2019 as quickly as possible. And if you’re wondering why Mobile Recruitment isn’t there we already had that in the Trends for 2018.

Recruiting Trend 1 – Recruitment Marketing

The interplay between various instruments of personnel management and external departments is becoming increasingly important. Especially in companies and industries that have to fight hard for the skilled workers available on the market, proper recruitment services marketing is essential. The recruiting of potential employees can be compared with the advertising for potential customers.

Whether it’s AIDA or another principle, it’s a matter of drawing the attention of specialists to one’s own company and at the same time making it appealing to them. The interest in working for and in the company must be awakened if an application is received, one has been successful.

“Many companies that are looking for specialists or executives have the right requirements and can define the requirements for the new employee well,” says Diana Herpel from Options Group Germany, a leading global company for the placement of executives. “However, they forget to present their own company in order to appear inviting, challenging and conducive to their individual careers. If a company, for example in the finance or banking sector, masters this combination, applications from interested specialists are almost certain.”

Recruiting Trend 2 – Employer branding

The somewhat unwieldy word “employer branding” is used to describe strategic measures taken to make a company appear attractive to the outside world as an employer. The company is treated like a brand, advertised accordingly and promoted by advocates. These advocates can also come from within the company, whereby we are directly involved in employee branding.

Recruiting Trend 3 – Employee Branding

This marketing of individuals is just as much a trend for employees who want to have a positive effect on potential employers as it is for employers and their employees to represent the company positively at all times. Thus, for the branding of companies and employees, their public information should be kept in a professional and positive measure.

Because a potential applicant could find everyone from the CEO to the contact person in the HR department in search engines and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn – if negative statements, actions or impressions are conveyed there, the applicant might change his mind.

Recruiting Trend 4 – SEO Recruiting

Let’s stay in the completely digital realm for a moment. Especially here in United States, where the majority of people use the Internet search engine Google to search for information is not to be despised. So anyone who wants to draw attention to Google should do so as organically as possible, i.e. without Google Ads. To do this, job descriptions, information on specific jobs and the like must be optimized in text and image so that they appear as one of the first search results.

Recruiting Trend 5 – Social Recruiting

And you will not be able to avoid the Internet and its sizes. On social platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn, the trend of “social recruitment” will become even more important in 2019 than it already is. In addition, these efforts will go much further than Facebook posts with job advertisements and ads on business platforms. The path will lead to blogs and forums as well as digital job exchanges. The difficulty here will be to harmonize one’s own branding with the various communication channels.

Recruiting Trend 6 – Use of recruitment companies

We live in a globalized and open world, where professionals with an understanding of languages and cultures can work in just about any country where they can find the best deals. The search for specialists, managers and “ordinary” workers can be tough even if you try to implement the recruiting trends and tips already mentioned for 2019. If that doesn’t help, then there are still companies that are helping to find employees, both nationally and internationally. With the right contacts and relationships, they usually have a solution ready quite soon.

Recruiting Trend 7 – Talent pool as ace up the sleeve

In order to be as effective as recruitment companies in employee and talent searches in the future, you should start to create a talent pool. This will help you to make use of a specific contact when a position becomes vacant or arises in the company. Your list of potential candidates may include employees, former employees, previous applicants, recommended persons, and so on. Only data protection should be taken into account.


Recruiting trends and tips for 2019 continue in the direction of the digital society and its collection by serving the appropriate channels. In addition to the right marketing and branding of your company, the possibilities of the Internet continue to play an important role. Nevertheless, the creation of talent pools as a measure that should be part of the good tone of old school personnel is back as a trend. It is therefore worth taking a look back from time to time as you progress.

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